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We create the space industry's future talent

We are designing and building small satellites that we launch into space. We want to create the next generation of talent by working on complex projects together.

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Student Organization Building Satellites

Orbit NTNU is a volunteer student organization educating tomorrow's space engineers. We build satellites with our in-house developed subsystems, hands-on experience, and devotion. We have created the best environment in Scandinavia to learn about the applications of space and satellites. Our engineers have the competence and expertise to develop space-graded systems that outperform yesterday's solutions in cost and performance.

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Built With Our Passion For Space

By being a nonprofit student organization supported by sponsorships, we select our missions ourselves with the sole purpose of learning and pushing space to new heights. Orbit NTNU is setting a new industry example by proving how volunteer students can book a launch with SpaceX in their spare time and fly beyond what was thought to be possible.

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We Learn And Innovate

Orbit NTNU is learning from the industry while innovating and building the most cost-efficient satellites. This is done by utilizing commercial parts for regular consumers and space verifying them ourselves. We are building and operating our own test facilities, enabling rapid iterations on hardware development while still conducting professional flight certification tests with our partners and sponsors. Therefore, our members have unique expertise in the whole development of spacecraft, from idea to development, production and launch, and operations. We are launching our first satellite with SpaceX this summer, and our second satellite will be the first satellite to leave Norwegian soil.

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