Orbit NTNU


Bringing space closer to home. Launching in 2023.


The FRAMSat mission is a satellite-based platform to demonstrate the tech of bleeding-edge Norwegian technology. FRAMSat-1 is Orbit NTNU's first partner mission, where we have provided our bus and systems for our partner Eidel to test and verify their sun sensor. By developing our own in-house systems on volunteer hours, we are in a unique position to launch payloads that would not be affordable on commercial options. Orbit NTNU has developed this tailored mission system in-house and will take part in the historic first launch from European soil.

The launch will be performed by our partner, ISAR, and is a part of the next step for the new space race. Orbit NTNU is a crucial part of the new space industry and New Space by having the lowest industry costs while still outperforming yesterday's solutions. Developed entirely by students, the satellite comprises several advanced subsystems needed for tomorrow's space civilization. The mission is set to launch from Andøya in late 2022 and is the foundation for the new Norwegian space adventure, bringing space closer to home.



Open SelfieSat
  • WEIGHT:1.2kg
  • SIZE:0.1x0.1x0.1m

FRAMSat is a 1U satellite, mesuring 10x10x10cm. We have developed, soldered, and tested our subsystems that are running our own in-house developed operating system and programs. This gives us total control of our system and lets us tailor the hardware and software to our specific needs.