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Orbit is now recruiting, and we want YOU to become a part of our team! Are you interested in advanced space technology, rocket launches, programming, or do you just want to be part of the most welcoming technical society at NTNU? At Orbit, we’re looking for you who wants to learn and experiment, while having fun doing so. You’ll get hands-on experience with spaceflight hardware, the opportunity to master new skills, valuable business connections, and friends for life. All that is required to apply is curiosity and willingness to learn! And the best part: We only require 10-15 hours per week, so you won't have to sacrifice your grades. Take a look at our open positions below, application deadline 30th of August!

Available Positions


Event Manager

Business presentations, cabin trips, or 'julebord'? As an event manager at Orbit, you will get the chance to work in a warm marketing team arranging a broad spectre of events and happenings, ranging from cinema trips, 17. May parties, cabin trips, as well as excursions to industry leading corporations.