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Join Our Team! We're on the lookout for passionate individuals to fill several key roles. While we've highlighted our most sought-after positions below, we value diverse talents and interests. If you're passionate about a role not listed here, don't hesitate to apply using the links provided. Your enthusiasm could be the perfect fit for Orbit NTNU!

Available Positions


Chief Financial Officer

Vacant position: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for one of the largest student organizations in Norway! We are looking for a highly motivated individual eager to learn about the ins and outs of the space industry and how financial assets are the key to achieving the unimaginable. As CFO, you will be responsible for managing Orbit NTNU's finances, including financial planning and analysis, accounting, and treasury. You will work closely with the CEO and other executives and oversee financial reporting and compliance. Ongoing studies within finance, accounting or related fields is an advantage, but this position has no requirements. A strong desire to learn and develop within finance and administration is highly desirable. Experience with financial tools or software is positive but not necessary.


Marketing Team Leader

Do you want to challenge yourself, within an environment full of highly engaged, dedicated and ambitious students? Do you want to lead the work that inspires students to follow their dreams and to show the world that the impossible can be possible? Orbit NTNU is searching for a Marketing Team Leader, which can actively engage and develop the marketing team. As a Marketing TL, you work closely with the CMO and the board, on projects, strategies and with the marketing team on a vast variety of tasks. This position will most likely never get you bored, the possibilities are endless. Orbit NTNUs primary mission is to help its members build the knowledge, experience and skills to become a part of the space industry. This is a rare chance for you to kickstart your career without any previous experience in a uniquely social, driven and inspiring student organization. If you're excited about strategy and projects , eager to learn, and ready to take on a challenge, we'd love to hear from you. No specific prior experience is required (we are students, after all); we value enthusiasm and a willingness to learn above all else.


Payload Engineer (BioSat)

Join Orbit NTNU's BioSat Project as a Payload Engineer and play a key role in our groundbreaking student-led mission to cultivate life beyond Earth. We aim to house a growing plant within a compact 10x10x30cm cube satellite - half of which is allocated for the payload. We're looking for motivated, passionate learners interested in space exploration, botany, electronics, and/or mechanical engineering. As a Payload Engineer, your key role will be designing, developing, and testing payload subsystems. These systems encompass a range of tasks - from securing seeds within the pressure chamber, and managing the plant's resources, to installing a comprehensive system of sensors and cameras to monitor the plant's growth in real-time. You'll work with fellow students driven by similar passions, interacting with diverse teams and networking with our industry partners. Check out "" -> Payload to get to know the team. Key Responsibilities: 1. Collaborate with the team to design, implement, and manage the payload from inception to orbit, including design, assembly, launch, and orbital operations. 2. Troubleshoot and resolve design challenges related to the satellite's payload and subsystems. 3. Ensure the payload's objectives are in line with the broader project goals. 4. Engage with industry partners on matters of integration and launch procedures. What We're Looking For: 1. Passionate individuals that are eager to immerse themselves in space exploration, botany, and engineering. 2. An ability to work independently as well as part of a team. 3. Strong problem-solving skills, creativity, and adaptability to the project's demands. 4. A commitment of approximately 15 hours per week, balancing project engagement and academic obligations. What You'll Gain: Joining Orbit NTNU offers a unique opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience at the nexus of technology, biology, and space exploration. You'll develop valuable skills in project planning, coordination, and problem-solving, all while navigating the intricacies of a large-scale project. More than anything, you will be a part of a trailblazing mission that has the potential to reshape our understanding of life in space. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey and make a significant impact? Join us in pushing the boundaries of space exploration.


Financial Associate

Vacant Position: Finance Associate for an exciting firm in what we consider to be the most captivating industry in the world: the space industry! We are looking for an engaged and skilled finance assistant who wants to be an essential part of our finance team. As a finance associate, you will work closely with our CFO to ensure that our finance function operates seamlessly and efficiently. You will play a central role in the company's accounting, financial planning, and internal coordination. Job Responsibilities: - Accounting: Responsible for accurate and up-to-date recording of the company's financial transactions. - Expense Handling: Coordinate and manage the process for reimbursement of employee expenses, including verification and compliance with guidelines. - Financial Planning: Contribute to developing financial plans, budgets, and forecasts in collaboration with management. - Internal Coordination: Collaborate closely with various departments to ensure proper information flow and coordination of financial activities. - Reporting: Prepare regular financial reports and analyses to support management's decision-making processes. - VAT and Tax: Ensure that the company complies with applicable tax and VAT regulations and participates in preparing necessary documentation. - Ad hoc tasks: Assist the CFO with special projects, analyses, or tasks as needed. Qualifications: - Ongoing studies in finance, accounting, or related fields are an advantage but not a requirement. - Strong desire to learn and develop within finance and administration. - Interest in numbers, accuracy, and order. - Good communication skills and ability to collaborate. - Independence and reliability. - Experience with financial tools or software is positive but not necessary.