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Orbit NTNU


The Sub-Orbital program allows first-year students to become satellite engineers in a year! Under the guidance of experienced Orbit NTNU mentors, the team combines our developed technologies and bought components to create a scientific mission of their own choice.


Through active guidance, the members are taught to choose, design, and build their own payload system while using Orbit NTNU's existing components in order to become familiar with its design and challenges in a less complex environment. Their goal is to launch a mission within one year with sounding rockets or weather balloons, showcasing what students are able to achieve on their own straight after high school. The only required skill is enthusiasm!

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Orbit NTNU has built its own platform to learn about space in the SubOrbital program. Each year, a set of first-year students are selected for our program through a comprehensive application procress.

The program has had high success, providing crucial practical experience in their education in addition to providing a social network. After their mission, the students are integrated into the satellite development, where they experience a feeling of mastery early on, due to their familiarity with spacecraft design ond operation.

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